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Neck and shoulder pain during early pregnancy

Pregnancy has a lot of issues that can come along including hormone problems, but one of the other common issues is the increased pain in the shoulders and neck during early pregnancy. We are going to get to the why, how, and how to deal with these issues. 

The causes of neck and shoulder pain during early pregnancy:

The first few weeks of pregnancy are remarkable, but they can also come with a whole host of problems including spotting, pains, swelling, and neck pain. Shoulder pain in the first few weeks, however, could be quite telling. It can be a serious problem that indicates an ectopic pregnancy and if you suspect that this might be the case, then you certainly need to seek medical help immediately to ensure safety.

The natural changes in the body for pregnancy:

A woman’s body changes quite a lot during pregnancy in order to make the body a suitable place for the baby. These changes can cause the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and the skin to become loose and stretchy in order to make room for the weight of the baby. Not only that, but it also helps during labor. But these morphological changes can cause the woman’s body to get tight in a few spots, namely, the back, shoulder, and neck. 

These changes in the body are not always the direct cause for the neck and shoulder pain, but what happens after that might be why you have shoulder pain. This relaxing period where the body loosens itself cause also caused changes in the way a woman stands up, sits, sleeps, or walks, and these changes can be the reason why a woman is experiencing neck and shoulder pain in the early stages of pregnancy. 

Another possible cause is deposits of cholesterol or calcium in the gallbladder or bile ducts the gall stones which can make you feel a pain in the stomach, abdominal area, and the neck. 

What really happens is that the body of a woman when she is pregnant goes through a lot of changes that can stay even longer after giving birth. The loosening and stretching of the body can cause other issues such as knee pain, lack of mobility, and joint pain. 

Sleeping pain:

The changes mentioned also include sleep. A pregnant woman will change her sleep a lot which can cause the shoulders and neck to go into a position where they have to be squished. This isn’t that great for the ligaments because it can cause minor nerve pinching and even muscle strains. Though there are a few ways to deal with this issue, it will still persist until the end of the pregnancy.  

When to visit the doctor:

There is no perfect time to visit the doctor when it comes to this issue, if the pain in your shoulder and neck is not due to a change in your position, then it could be due to ectopic or tubal pregnancy. The best thing to do in this case is to go to the doctor’s office so they can run scans and tests to ensure that everything checks out. 

If you have any pain in your stomach, or if the pain is intensifying regardless of what method you use to numb the pain, then it’s time to get immediate medical attention.  

How to deal with neck and shoulder pain during the early stages of pregnancy: 

You have a lot of ways to deal with neck and shoulder pain in the first weeks of being pregnant. Some of those are going to deal with the neck itself. You can’t deal with the source because the source is the pregnancy itself, so here are a few methods to treat neck and shoulder pain during the first stages.  

Neck and shoulder massage:


You might just need a good massage and what better way to get a massage than the cervical cloud’s neck and shoulder massager. You can use it anytime and anywhere you want as long as it’s well charged. The great thing about it is that it’s portable so even if you have to travel move lot, you can always take it with you. 


Stretching is a good idea for any kind of neck pain because it can release some of those pinched nerves. Not only that, but it can also promote healing of the tissue and help improve flexibility.  


Upgrade your pillow:


If you have consistent pain in your neck and shoulder in the first weeks, then it’s probably time to change the pillows. Pregnant women can sleep in awkward positions which puts the neck and shoulders in a vulnerable spot. The cervical cloud’s pillow is great for both back and side sleeping. It supports the head from both positions to prevent random movements, and it also has a memory foam which is very comfortable. It’s made with light materials that do not overheat which can be one of the struggles of pregnancy.  

Heating pad:

These are great because they provide very good comfort. They work similar to the cervical cloud massager, except the heat is more dispersed. You can apply the heating pad around your neck and shoulders and it will feel like the pain is just melting off. 


 By visiting a good practitioner, they can ensure that you release any pain that you have including lower back, shoulder, neck, hip, and knee pain which are all very common during pregnancy. 


Pregnancy is a wonderful time for a woman, but it is also a time full of pain, discomfort, and health issues. One of those is the neck and shoulder pain that might happen to start the first few weeks of pregnancy. Many women experience this pain because of an ectopic or tubal pregnancy which needs immediate medical attention, but most women will experience it just because of the stress on the body that is caused by the loosening of the ligaments. You should consider the options given, but don’t hesitate to talk to a doctor about this issue. 



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