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Back pain when breathing

Back pain can be really annoying especially when you have to work, but it’s also could be quite dangerous. There are many reasons as to why you are having back pain when you are breathing and they range from mild to extremely dangerous. The pain you experience when breathing in your back could also reveal a lot of things such as the symptoms of some illnesses, so you should be careful. If the pain is too unbearable, you need to go to the doctor because it could be very dangerous. However, if it’s just a nagging pain, then it might be due to a few reasons. 


 Reasons why you have back pain when breathing: 

There are so many reasons why you are experiencing back pain when breathing that are very dangerous and need medical attention, some only need a few adjustments to get rid of the pain, but here are a few which might be true. 



Your back and midsection hold a ton of organs and bones inside which can cause our back to weaken over time. Not only that, but the back can also have a few issues such as hernias that may be due to overuse and overwork. If you work in a job that requires you to be very active, lift heavy objects, and work hard physically for many hours per day, then the reason why you have back pain when breathing is probably because of strain. 





This is a bone disease that increases the potential for the bones to fracture, break, or become more brittle. In fact, most people are not even aware of the fact that they have Osteoporosis until they get a fracture that is caused by compression. This can lead to rib cage bones puncturing the surrounding connective tissue whenever you breathe because the diaphragm expands and retracts with breathing. 


A blood clot in the lung: 

The reason why you have pain in your back while you breathe could be due to a blood clot in the lung. This is common with people who have preexisting blood problems, but anyone could get it. 

Vertebrae fractures:

A common reason why people have random pain in their back when they breathe is because of vertebrae fractures caused by impact. Some people experience this after accidents, but people who play sports such as boxing, MMA, or football can experience it too. The vertebrae can fracture quite deeply and cause the organs around it to hit a sharp bone fracture which is very painful.




This is a side curvature of the spine and it can get serious especially if left untreated. It can happen to young adolescents who are growing, but the same could be the case for older people who just happen to have poor posture. There are a few causes for scoliosis and most of them are related to your genes. Some people are just more prone to getting scoliosis than others. You can get scoliosis if you overuse one side of your back, though this does not happen very often, people do experience it especially truck drivers who sit on tilted seats or have to lean for hours at a time. This curvature in the spine causes the lungs to meet the other tissue around it which might cause pain. 



There are a lot of dangers to being overweight and obese including increased risk of cancer, increased risk of heart disease, and increased risk of heart failure. However, another issue that obese people have to deal with is pain, especially when breathing. The fat tissue that is around the lungs can block and prevent the lungs to fully extend.

Broken or bruised rib:


Broken rib

A broken rib is sometimes the reason why someone has pain when they breathe. In fact, most don’t even realize that they have a broken rib until they feel it when they breathe. The bad news is that this can happen to anyone even when you’re sneezing, coughing, or just falling. 

What to do about it: 

If it’s nothing serious or major, then one of the things you should consider is the hot and cold treatment, this will help you release any kind of pain, but also promote recovery which is important. 

You should also consider speaking to a professional about this. A broken rib or lung issues are nothing to stay quiet about. They can give you the proper diagnosis through an MRI scan and they can determine that is giving that pain when you breathe. 

If you are someone who is obese or if you know the cause of this issue, then you should certainly limit what is causing you this issue. If the problem is obesity, then this is a warning sign to start losing weight immediately. You don’t need to make big changes to see big results, start by removing oils, sugars, or any fast foods. Cook your own meals and stick to a lot of vegetables, lean protein, high-quality carbs, and be active. Start by walking a few dozens of minutes per day to get back in shape, then slowly build your way up so you can join a gym or start running. Keep your weight loss in a log and see how the pain when breathing changes, if you still didn’t feel any change, then it’s likely another issue, but still, obesity is a serious condition that can wreak havoc on your life. 


Back pain when you are breathing is definitely something you need to check with a physician or a medical doctor. They can run the tests and see what is really going on. It’s very important that you eliminate any sources of inflammation that can be the cause of the pain such as eating lots of sugar or greasy foods. Stick to vegetables, stay hydrated, and scale the pain. If the pain persists, then it is likely one of the more serious issues and they should be treated immediately so you can have a life free of pain. 





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