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How do you know when back pain might be an emergency?

We’ve all been there, you move in a weird way and suddenly your back starts to hurt a lot. It might be to the point that you can’t stand up or sit down and even to the point that breathing deep becomes almost impossible. All of these seem terrible, but what qualifies as an emergency? Back problems are exceedingly common among all demographics, so it’s important to know whether it’s the right time to call the emergency line for help.  Common vs. serious back pain:  Back pain is common among people who practice weight lifting or those who perform high impact sports. But the pain usually lasts less than a day and they can get back to their daily routine...

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Does obesity cause low back pain?

Often people think that obesity causes many problems internally such as heart disease, breathing problems, or blood pressure issues. But many do not realize that obesity causes your skeletal frame to suffer. Let’s first define what obesity is in terms of weight. We all have a perfect weight that suits our body in terms of health; this can be determined by your lifestyle, gender, height, age, and activity level. A person who is in an optimal weight usually does not have issues on their lower back because the load is manageable. Obesity becomes an issue when the excess weight starts to affect how your body orients itself when it comes to balance. Here is how.  The link between obesity and...

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How to prevent cervical spine injuries

Injuries are a part of life and they happen to the best of us. They are obviously annoying and they decrease our productivity, but they can be managed with massages, exercise, heating, and other types of treatment. But if we were to completely eliminate that from happening in the first place? This is exactly the topic we’ll be discussing in this article, preventive methods for avoiding cervical spine injuries. What are cervical spine injuries and why they’re common:  We hear a lot about cervical spine injuries these days, they are any type of damage done to the upper back-neck area including hernias and they can be very problematic. The reason why these are so common is because of the way...

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Relieving back pain using back pain stretcher

Back pain is something that almost all of us have to deal with at some point and it can be persistent for a while. The latter can also affect your mood, productivity, and your movement which are all terrible. What if you had a simple device that can remove all of that back pain, prevent it, and give your back more rigidity and strength. The back pain stretcher is what we’re talking about and it’s absolutely revolutionary when it comes to preventing back pain.  Why the back pain stretchers are so effective:      We’ve come a long way in terms of our development, but one thing that has remained the same for hundreds of millennia is our anatomy. Our...

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Tips and tricks to improve your sleep quality

Sleep is the time where you can heal and recover your body, but it can also be the time where you cause neck and back pain if you’re not careful. In this article, we will discuss a few tips and tricks to improve your sleep quality including devices and daily habits that have been proven to work.  Schedule your sleep: If you’re looking to optimize your sleep, then you should definitely start working on setting a time when you sleep and wake up every single day rather than sleeping whenever you feel like it. This trick will help your body automatically feel sleepy when it’s time by working in with the circadian rhythm that naturally dictates your energy levels. In...

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