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Relieving back pain using back pain stretcher

Back pain is something that almost all of us have to deal with at some point and it can be persistent for a while. The latter can also affect your mood, productivity, and your movement which are all terrible. What if you had a simple device that can remove all of that back pain, prevent it, and give your back more rigidity and strength. The back pain stretcher is what we’re talking about and it’s absolutely revolutionary when it comes to preventing back pain. 

Why the back pain stretchers are so effective: 



We’ve come a long way in terms of our development, but one thing that has remained the same for hundreds of millennia is our anatomy. Our lifestyle contradicts the way we are structured, sitting all day in front of a desk on a chair is definitely not the way we spent our time even 100 years ago. 

All this stress on our back due to misplaced loads from sitting all day can lead to stiffness, pain, discomfort, lack of mobility, and eventually even injuries. But if we can mimic the way we naturally sit all day to make it more efficient for the way our back is shaped, then we can prevent all these issues from happening in the first place. 

Back pain stretchers don’t do anything flashy or extravagant, but the effect that they have on the body is large. All they do is correct our posture to make it fit the way we naturally should sit and lay down. Sitting and working is not going anywhere, in fact, people are sitting and working more than ever now that work has become more remote. So using this back pain stretcher to correct our posture when we sit or lay down is the best way possible to counter back pain. 

The benefits of using the back pain stretcher: 

There are a lot of great benefits you will notice with the back pain stretcher such as: 

  • Correct your posture: Using this stretcher can offer a lot of benefits including correcting your posture when standing. This is thanks to the design of the product it perfectly fits into the shape of the back and supports it. 
  • Ergonomic fit: Unlike other back stretchers, this one just feels natural to your back.
  •  Lightweight: Another great thing is that this can be used when you are traveling and it’s easy to pack. 
  • Pressure point massage: It’s normal to develop knots and tightness in your back. Thanks to this design, you can easily get them knots loosened up.
  • How to use the back pain stretcher

    You can use this device on the floor by putting is down on a mat. Place your back carefully and slowly onto the mat so that the curvature of the back naturally fits with the back stretcher. You may need some extra support such as a pillow. If you have back pain as well as neck pain, you may need to use a cervical pillow which will add even more support and comfort to your back.

    If you are sitting down, it may be a bit tricky, but all you need to do is to place the stretcher at the right angle so that the back is in the right spot to feel the multi-level lumbar support in the lumbar area. 

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