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Do cervical pillows help neck pain?

If you wake up with some neck pain every day, then don’t feel lonely because more than half of the people in the world experience some type of neck pain when they wake up. Neck pain is not exclusive to older people or those that are into sports, it can affect anyone with any activity level. Luckily, your sleeping position and your pillow have everything to do with neck pain and you can easily fix the pain by getting a cervical pillow. Since these are relatively new pillows, cervical pillows have been questioned about their efficacy when it comes to helping with the neck. So let’s explore everything about cervical pillows and how they help neck pain.

Do cervical pillows help your neck pain?

The answer is yes, cervical pillows help your neck pain because they help cradle your neck and provide more stable position where you neck can sit. They’re also perfect for both side sleepers and back sleepers to find their ideal sleep position.


How cervical pillows help your neck pain:

There are many ways that the cervical pillow helps relief neck pain. The type of pillow is designed not only for relieving neck pain, but it is also designed for preventing it which is great for those that suffer from it quite frequently..

Ergonomic position: One of the cool things about cervical pillows is that they all have an ergonomic position that is designed to go with the natural curve of the neck and upper back. A big issue that’s found with regular pillow blocks is that they’re too steep and too square-shaped. Our neck is not shaped like that, but the cervical pillow is designed to fit the shape of your neck. Moreover, the shape of the pillow is typically in three parts. It has two sides for side sleepers, but it also has a middle side for back sleepers as well which can be great.


Memory foam: The memory foam added to the cervical pillow just makes it 10 times even better than it already is. The fabric that is inside and the filling provide a slow and even distribution of weight which does not hurt your neck when you're sleeping. This is great for people who have a tender neck. The memory foam is not too abrasive which is why the elevation sinks exactly for the right height.


Benefits of cervical pillow for neck pain:

Three positions: The cervical pillows do not just offer a position for one side only. In fact, this is the problem with most other pillows, they’re only good for back sleeping. However, we move around a lot while we sleep and may switch positions during the night quite a few times. This is why it’s great to have a good cervical pillow because it fits your neck position every time you turn your head.

Optimal support: Most regular pillows you find are either too soft like feather pillows or they’re too hard. If the pillow is too soft, then the neck and shoulder will start collapsing in which may cause you to feel a lot of discomforts. Moreover, because the pillow uses memory foam, the weight of the head is evenly distributed no matter which side you sleep on.

Relief for headaches: Your neck position can cause you to either feel great in the morning or suffer a headache. Headaches are caused either by a blockage of blood to the brain or by blockage of air supply. Both of these can be obstructed if your neck position is not optimal.

Healing in an optimal state: If you have suffered an injury to your neck, it would be a terrible idea to go back to regular pillows again. Your neck needs to heal properly and if you heal it in a state that causes pain, it will never feel as good as it used to. This is where cervical pillows come in, they help your neck stay in a neutral position while it is being healed.


The Cervical Cloud™ Neck Pain Contour Pillow:

If you are now looking for a pillow that can help you sleep better at night, then look no further. The cervical cloud contour pillow is probably the best deal you can get anywhere you look. It uses the best materials you can find and it also perfectly shapes your head while you sleep. You can get it in different sizes and the quality is impeccable.

Furthermore, the breathable memory foam that is inside the pillowcase provides you with better air circulation to keep the pillow dry, you never have to flip the pillow again because the cervical pillow is designed to stay cool at all times. Another great factor is the hypoallergenic polyester proprietary blend that feels exactly like a hotel pillow. It is quite amazing how this pillow feels in comparison with other pillows and the cool thing is that it even provides dust mite protection.

In fact, this is the exact type of pillow a lot of physicians recommend because the way that it curves at the tip is exactly the way that the spine curves around the head. It actually feels like you’re not even on a pillow since it does not have that steep ridge. Not to mention, the super-soft cushion made out of memory foam is not too abrasive on your neck and it doesn’t restrict breathing.

Cervical pillows are the product of the future, they offer a lot of comfort and versatility, not to mention that they have a sleek and elegant look that isn’t outdated. Cervical pillows are the perfect blend between comfort and style. You will not only relieve any back pain, shoulder pain, or neck pain you might currently have, but you will also ensure that you do not get neck strains while you sleep which is one of the most common reasons why people get neck pain in the first place. The sooner you get this cervical pillow, the better your sleep is going to be.

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