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Best way to sleep with neck pain

Neck pain can be one of the most irritating experiences that will disturb your daily life. This condition affects the vast majority of the population at some point and the way it affects people can vary, some people just get away with it after a few cracks and stretches, but most people end up with a stiff neck which leads to decreased energy. The neck is a crucial area that not a lot of people pay attention to. The muscles and the bones that lead to the skull are very delicate and complicated which increases the possibility of an injury. Sleeping with neck pain can be even worse, but you can definitely find ways to sleep well with neck pain through this article. 
neck pain

The critical importance of the neck position:

One of the most crucial muscles on your body are all around your neck. If you have a stiff sore neck, you’ll suffer doing everyday activities including sleeping and even walking. 
The reason why your neck muscles and bone structure are very important is because the muscles of the neck are connected to the shoulder, trapezius, the spine, and even your chest. If one muscle is too tight, it will likely affect all the other muscles around it at some point. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the health of your neck and be aware of how it changes. Even if you mask the neck pain, it will likely come back even stronger after causing numbness in your arms and the ability to have a full range of motion in your shoulders. 

Best sleeping positions for neck pain:

Before we look at the tools you can use to help with neck pain while you’re sleeping, we need to look at the position of your body when you sleep. In fact, the position of your sleep is very strongly related to your neck health in the short and long term according to a lot of studies.
If you have always slept in a position that causes your neck pain, it might be difficult to get used to sleeping differently. For instance, people who are used to sleeping on their stomachs all jumbled up can have difficulty sleeping on their backs. Here are some sleeping positions to try in order to avoid or fix neck pain while you sleep.

Sleeping on your back:

sleeping on your back
Sleeping on your back is probably ideal, but not everyone is built the same. During this sleep position, you should keep your chin slightly elevated, and your neck as neutral as possible. This is why you might need a thinner pillow because it’s easier to reach the ideal neck position on your back. However, the pillow cannot be too high that it forces your chin to be tucked. For this position, it’s a great idea to use a cervical pillow because it is going to help match your neck position. In fact, you will notice an immediate relief when using a cervical pillow if you have neck pain. 

Sleeping on your side:

sleeping on your side
This position is probably the most comfortable and it is also one of the healthiest positions for your natural spinal curves including the neck curve. However, you might want to think about using more pillows. 
The reason for that is because, with time, your back will usually try to even out because it is not supported. Your back is not straight, so it needs to find ways to maintain the natural curve. That is why you might feel more comfortable with a small pillow around your waist and even between your knees for better back comfort. 

Things to avoid when sleeping with neck pain: 

Just like there are a lot of good things that help, there are also a lot of ways that can exacerbate your neck pain. Here are things you should avoid:

Sleeping on your stomach: 

This sleep position is very back for your back, neck, shoulders, and even your jaw. It’s all around a terrible position for your neck since you’re putting weight on it. Not only that, the more time you sleep, the more you’re going to feel pain. So just avoid it at all costs and sleep on your back. 

Sleeping with a tough pillow:

Another way that you can ruin your neck is by using a very tough pillow that does not let your neck curve at its natural state. Using a tough pillow can cause a lot of stress on your shoulders which is also related to your neck. 

Sleeping with a bad pillow:

Sleeping with a tough pillow is terrible, but no pillow is even worse. You have to find the right pillow for your neck and the best one to use is a cervical pillow since it corrects the position of your neck. 

Best way to sleep with neck pain: 

There are a lot of things to consider when sleeping with neck pain. The very first is to look at outside factors such as heat, light sources, or noise that can affect your sleep. If you can’t sleep, then you’re going to have even more neck pain, so it’s best to set up the perfect scenario for your rest time in bed. Another thing to keep in mind is the bed itself, it doesn't matter if it’s sleeping on wood, a water bed, memory foam, or even on the floor, just choose the bed that does not put more stress on your back or shoulders. 

Why the cervical pillow for neck pain is the best solution: 

CervicalCloud Neck Pain Contour Pillow
If you have a sore neck or neck pain while you sleep, nine times out of ten, it’s your pillow. The pillow contours your neck and it’s pretty much the only thing that supports it while you sleep. Therefore, using the wrong pillow can be the main cause of your neck pain. 

Using a neck pain contour cervical pillow:

If you have neck pain while you sleep, there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in a cervical pillow. It is the best thing for your sleep and you can notice immediate results from it. Unlike regular pillows, the cervical cloud pillow actually contours head and neck position and it accurately matches your neck curves. The pillow has a middle area for people who sleep on their back and two sides for side sleepers. In fact, this cervical pillow can literally correct your posture while you sleep. You will notice this after a while and clearly see that your head position is exactly where it should be.

Best practices for neck pain management:

Managing neck pain is not always about finding the right pillow, although it is going to help immensely. If you want to get rid of the source of neck pain, look no further than a neck shoulder massager. All neck pain is usually just an improper position of the neck muscles, and it is usually tightness. A massager like the cervical cloud’s neck and shoulder massager is an extremely valuable tool to help you release the tension in your neck. One of the best things about this is the fact that it’s so easy to use because you can use it on your desk while watching a movie, or even on a train ride. It uses electrical impulses and vibrations that release the tension within the neck muscles and just using it for a few sessions can get rid of years and even decades of neck pain. 
Using this neck massager in combination with a few stretches or a relaxing bath is a surefire way to get rid of neck pain for good. Sleep is an extremely important part of the day and you cannot miss out on it. If you can sleep better, you can perform better during the day and live a healthier life.

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