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Best pillow for side sleepers to prevent neck, shoulder and back pain

Sleeping on your side is a relatively comfortable position, it’s much better than sleeping on your stomach. However, this sleeping position might present some issues that can cause pain around your shoulders, neck and back. Therefore, there are a few precautionary sleeping positions you need to be aware of as well as the best pillows to use for side sleeping. 

The problem with sleeping on your side: 

Side sleeping is relatively easy on your lower back because it does not laterally compress the vertebrae pieces. However, sleeping on your side does make your back more vulnerable to minor short term deformations because you won’t have any support particularly in the lower back. The spine has a natural curve when looked at from the side, but it’s still straight when looked at from the back. When you sleep for 8 hours, your spine muscles cannot maintain contraction to hold that position straight, so it will curve in a way that it is not supposed to with some time.


Another issue that presents itself with sleeping on your side is the neck problem. There are very few pillows that can perfectly shape your neck, and more often than not, you will find that pillows are either too hard and they can’t be flexible, or they’re too soft and they cause your neck to collapse in. 

The same can be said about the shoulders because eventually, they will round forward causing a break in your posture. This can undo the work you’ve been putting during the day to fix the posture, if your posture during the day is perfect and during the night it’s terrible, then you’re having to fight two problems at the same time. 

You can fix all of these problems if you use a pillow that is designed for side sleeping. In addition to that, it helps at first if you can use a pillow between your legs because it helps comfort.


Best materials for side sleeper pillows: 

There are quite a few pillow materials you need to be aware of when it comes to side sleeping, these are the best which will work well with your neck shape, and won’t be too hard.

Latex: Latex can be a great material for pillows in general because it has a soft feeling and it does not cause irregular bumps in your pillow. It’s also great for people who have allergies because it does not soak dust. 

Feather: Another great material is with feathers. They’re excellent for comfort and you can always adjust the thickness of the pillow depending on your comfort. 

Mix: These are pillows that have different kinds of materials in the same case, they offer both comfort and adjustability with a lot of variety depending on your style.


Best kinds of pillows for side sleepers:

There are many kinds of pillows on the market, long pillows, hollow pillows, neck support, body pillows, and sleep apnea pillows. But that doesn’t mean that all of these pillows are right for you. Some pillows are just not going to be as comfortable or as convenient for side sleeping. When it comes to side sleeping, you’re going to need to stick with two types of pillows which are perfect for neck comfort.

Contour pillow:  These pillows have a slightly hollow shape which allows for the side sleeper to be comfortable in both the right and left side. In addition to that, it also gives a slightly declined and decreased surface for when you would like to sleep on your back. This slightly decreased level is perfect even for back sleepers because it does not allow for the head to make too much movement and it supports it from both sides.

Curved pillows: Another type of pillow you might enjoy is the curved pillow shape. This one is new to the market but it offers a lot of versatility. It can be used as a back sleeping pillow, but it does not have the same comfort as the contour pillow. 


The best pillow for side sleepers to prevent neck pain: 

The CervicalCloud™ Neck Pain Contour Pillow is the best pillow on the market all things considered. It has the best versatility, and it also offers a lot of comfort. It comes with more than one size and it could be the revolutionary product that just fixes your neck pain for good. The way it is shaped ergonomically fits right with the way the neck curves with the spine which prevents the load on your back that you get when sleeping with a thick or hollow pillow. The benefits do not just stop there: 

  • Cervical support area: One of the best things about this pillow is that it has a sweet spot for every position you sleep in. If you choose to sleep on your right, the pillow has a nice curve from the neck to the head which supports your neck. If you choose to sleep on your back, the pillow has a curved wedge in the middle which prevents random movements of the head.
  • Slow rebound memory foam: This is a huge plus for people who value comfort. The memory foam material absorbs the impact of the weight and it distributes it in a way that doesn’t cause you to feel a stiff neck in the morning. 
  • Prevents strains: Another huge benefit is the fact that the CervicalCloud™ Neck Pain Contour Pillow prevents any neck strains while you sleep. Neck strains are unfortunately very common while you sleep and that’s because you’re not aware of your posture. However, the cervical cloud pillow ensures that you don’t cause any strain or injury on your neck and shoulders. 
  • Clean and comfortable: Another brilliant benefit is the cleanliness of the materials used in this pillow, they offer a lot of support, but they’re also clean and they do not hold in the dust. In addition to that, the materials used in the pillow are designed for maximum comfort which is why they do not overheat and cause you to sweat. 



The CervicalCloud™ Neck Pain Contour Pillow is the single greatest piece you need for neck comfort. If you had to get only one thing to heal the neck pain and fix your posture while you sleep, you have got to choose the cervical cloud. You can notice the difference in the same night and it’s great for both back sleepers and side sleepers. 

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